The Safest, Most Effective, and Fastest tattoo removal process

Until very recently tattoo removal took years, multiple treatments, and was less than ideal. With the Enlighten technology, we can shorten treatment times–usually under 6 months and often much shorter. So you can get on with your life.

The enlighten laser system from Cutera provides a more dynamic and flexible process for tattoo removal. It is the worlds only dual wavelength and dual pulse duration laser system. They can work for the treatment of various tattoo colors and pigments.

After an initial consultation we can often start treatment that same day. A numbing cream is used on the skin for 20 minutes then the treatment is done and you can return to work or other activity. You may experience some redness or mild soreness for a day or two. We schedule the next treatment 8 weeks later after your body has healed and removed the color fragments.

If you are looking for an outstanding tattoo removal experience in Omaha, you can find the solutions you need at the office of Dr. Lee Merritt, MD. We are prepared to discuss your specific case and recommend the most appropriate treatment approach.

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For additional information about Dr. Merritt or to discuss your candidacy for tattoo removal and pigmented lesions please contact our office and schedule a consultation.


After 2 Sessions

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