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Many customers purchase the Numbmaster cream and apply it 30 minutes before their appointment time. Applying it 30 minutes before treatment speeds up your appointment time by 15 minutes. For most tattoo’s the smaller 1 oz bottle will contain enough numbing cream for the tattoo removal process. For those that are with multiple tattoos or sleve tattoos, you may wish to purchase the bigger bottle. If we apply numbing cream at the office, there is a $10 numbing application fee each treatment

After Care Instructions

1. As much as possible over the first 72 hours, apply ice to the area. This can be done with a standard ice pack, or a bag of frozen peas works well.

2. Keep the area clean with regular showers and after 3 days you can bathe/ swim.

3. Apply antibiotic ointment to keep it slightly lubricated for the first three days. After that time, if it appears dry, itchy or crusty it is nice to use a hypoallergenic moisture cream. Our doctor’s favorite is “Vanicream” that has no perfumes and is very nice to skin and clothing.

4. We usually cover the area to get you home, but it is not necessary to continue coverage unless you experience rubbing on clothing etc. The best, safest healing, in general, is to leave the area open to air uncovered with a moisturizing topical cream or ointment.

5. Keep the area out of the sun for 2 weeks. You can do this with a bandage or an ace wrap if you will be outside.

6. Generally avoid anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil, Naprosyn, Alleve, Mobic, Celebrex, etc. We depend on the inflammatory process to remove the ink after we break up the ink with the laser.

7. We do not expect scarring from the actual laser procedure, but sometimes there is some crusting or blistering. If blisters occur keep them clean, don’t pop them or open with a pin etc. If they break keep the area clean. Apply antibiotic ointment lightly over area. Blistering is more common when removing large flowing tattoos rather than linear tattoos that do not involve a large enclosed area. (In all cases, the more you apply ice early, the less likely of blistering.)

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