Omaha Nebraska Tattoo Removal

Effective, Safe, and Fast

Are you no longer enamored with your tattoo? Having the wrong tattoo can be a constant unpleasant reminder. Or you may just want to upgrade or change your tattoo. Over time an unwanted tattoo may become a distraction and cause self-conscious feelings.

We want your tattoo gone and we’re not happy till you are happy. Unlike old lasers that would frequently burn or scar the skin, the Cutera Enlighten laser works on all skin types and can remove any color of ink except white.

Experience the best in world class tattoo removal services at our practice. To schedule your free consultation, please click the link below or contact us by clicking here. We also allow you to e-mail your photo in for a free online consultation.


The Most Advanced Product on the Market

enlighten is a dual wavelength (1064 nm + 532 nm) and dual pulse duration (picosecond + nanosecond) laser system. It provides superior results with greater efficiency and accuracy. The laser actively breaks down ink particles in tattoos, providing the type of results that patients expect. Picosecond laser pulses can remove tattoos more completely, requiring fewer sessions than traditional methods