With technology comes cost and we want you to have the very best value for your money. Our prices are determined on the size of the tattoo and the difficulty of removal. The more ink, the deeper the tattoo, and the larger size, the more cost involved. BUT remember with our Enlighten laser you will have fewer visits so we hope to save you on the total cost to clear.

You have two payment options: You can pay as you go per visit or you can purchase a cost to clear guarantee package by paying up front (details available during consultation).

Pricing varies with the size. Generally, any blue/black tattoo under the area of a business card is $150 or less/ session. Ring tattoos are $100 per finger per session and are usually removed in 3-4 sessions. Eyebrows are $125 per eyebrow per session. Surcharges are added for color and complexity.

If you have a very large tattoo which would be very expensive if priced by square inch, or you have many tattoos you want removed–we have the best cost-saving removal package for you. We will remove any amount of tattoo or tattoos for $750 a session, not to exceed 30 minutes of laser time In 30 minutes we generally can remove a “half-sleeve” or 6-8 smaller tattoos. (This time plan not subject to discounts.) We may be able to do the actual treatment in much less than an hour, but you still will be getting the best price point for large tattoos.

If you wish to be treated at the time of your consultation we can usually start the treatment for the cost of the first visit.

Payment Methods:

We accept cash or Credit Card or Debit Card.

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